Are there any exemptions from PSiRA verification for certain roles

Yes, exemptions from PSiRA verification may apply to certain roles within the private security industry in South Africa. These exemptions are often based on specific criteria and circumstances. As of my last update, here are some instances where exemptions from PSiRA verification might occur: Law Enforcement Officers: Police Officers: Sworn police officers performing official duties … Read more

Can you work without Psira?

In South Africa, it’s a legal requirement for individuals working in the security industry to be registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority). PSIRA registration is mandatory for security officers, and operating as a security officer without valid PSIRA registration is against the law. PSIRA registration ensures that individuals working in the security industry … Read more

Can a security guard work without Psira?

In South Africa, the Private Security Industry Regulation Act (PSIRA) regulates the private security industry and mandates that any person employed as a security officer must be registered with PSIRA. Therefore, it is illegal for a security guard to work without a valid PSIRA certificate. Employing an unregistered security guard or working as a security … Read more