Can you work without Psira?

In South Africa, it’s a legal requirement for individuals working in the security industry to be registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority). PSIRA registration is mandatory for security officers, and operating as a security officer without valid PSIRA registration is against the law.

PSIRA registration ensures that individuals working in the security industry meet specific training, ethical, and competency standards set by the authority. Without PSIRA registration, individuals cannot legally work as security officers in South Africa.

Employers in the security industry are also obligated to ensure that their employees are registered with PSIRA and hold the appropriate grade for their job roles. Employers found employing unregistered security officers can face penalties and legal consequences.

Therefore, it’s crucial for anyone seeking employment or already working in the security industry in South Africa to obtain and maintain valid PSIRA registration to comply with the law and work legally within the industry.

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