PSiRA Online Booking Applications [ Latest Update]

The registration, booking, and rebooking of private security under the Private Security Industry Regulation Act (PSIRA) has started. The group intends to offer everyone who requests it lawful protection. The security providers in South Africa support A transparent, competent, and accountable approach. If you live in South Africa and want to use dependable security services, … Read more online

Overview The vision of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is for South Africans to have confidence in the legitimacy, occupational practices, and transformation of the private security industry. Its mission is effective regulation of the Private Security Industry to enable professional and respected security service providers. The primary objectives of the Authority are … Read more

How do I pay PSiRA?

PSIRA registration fee As part of the process, you have to pay a mandatory PSIRA registration fee of R6,750 for businesses and R230 for individuals. The payment is through a cheque, and a copy of proof is to be attached to the application. Payments should be made out to: 1. For businesses/firms: Private Security Industry Authority Bank: … Read more