How long does it take to get Psira certificate online?

The time it takes to receive a PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) certificate can vary based on several factors, including the type of application, completeness of documentation, and the efficiency of processing by PSiRA. Typically, the processing time for a PSiRA certificate, including new registrations, renewals, upgrades, or other services, can range from a … Read more

How long is a Psira certificate valid for?

In South Africa, a PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) certificate, once obtained, is valid for a period of 24 months from the date of issue. This validity period applies to all PSIRA grades, including Grade D, C, B, and A. After the initial 24-month validity period, individuals need to renew their PSIRA certificate to … Read more

How much is Psira certificate?

The cost for obtaining a PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) certificate can vary depending on several factors such as the type of registration, category of security service provider, and the number of security officers involved. PSiRA offers various types of certificates and registrations, each with its associated fees. As of my last update, here’s … Read more

What documents are needed to apply for Psira?

To apply for registration with PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) in South Africa, certain documents and information are typically required. The specific documentation might vary based on the category of registration (A, B, or C) and the type of security service provided. However, here is a general list of documents often needed for PSiRA … Read more