How much is Psira registration fee?

The registration fees for PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) in South Africa can vary based on the category of registration and might have changed since my last update. As of my last knowledge update, here’s a generalized estimation of the registration fees:

  1. Security Officer (Grade E to A): The registration fee for security officers in different grades (E, D, C, B, A) could range from approximately 200 ZAR to 500 ZAR, depending on the grade.
  2. Control Room Operator: For control room operators, the registration fee might be around 300 ZAR to 400 ZAR.
  3. Private Investigator: Registration fees for private investigators might be in the range of 400 ZAR to 600 ZAR.

Please note that these figures are estimations based on historical information, and the actual registration fees for PSiRA may have changed. PSiRA periodically updates its fee schedules, and the fees can also vary based on the type of registration, changes in regulations, or other factors.

It’s crucial for individuals or entities applying for registration with PSiRA to verify the current registration fees directly from PSiRA’s official website or by contacting PSiRA directly. Understanding the exact registration fees applicable to the specific category of registration is important for accurate budgeting and compliance with PSiRA’s requirements within the private security industry in South Africa.

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