How do I get a Psira Grade A certificate?

The psira grade A course is designed for individuals needing specific training on Control and management of sites and gathering evidence in incidents.


If you have completed the PSIRA GRADE B course, you need to email your certificate to the training centre of your choice using your ID number as the reference.

To get a Psira grade A certificate ,you have to have a grade B CERTIFICATE , the you signed up or enroll for  a grade A course PSIRA ACCREDITED Training provider.

The General Guidelines for Obtaining grade A certificaticate are ;

To obtain a PSIRA Grade A certificate in South Africa, you will need to follow specific steps and meet certain requirements. Here is a general guide on how to acquire a PSIRA Grade A certificate:

  1. Fulfill the prerequisites: Before applying for a Grade A certificate, ensure that you meet the prerequisites set by PSIRA. These may include completing the necessary training and possessing the required experience in the security industry. Typically, a Grade A certificate is suited for individuals in managerial or supervisory roles within the private security industry.
  2. Complete the relevant training: Enroll in and successfully complete the PSIRA-accredited training program for Grade A certification. The training program is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills required for managing and supervising security operations.
  3. Gather required documentation: Collect all the necessary documentation, such as identification documents, training certificates, and any other relevant paperwork required by PSIRA for the Grade A certification application.
  4. Submit the application: Apply for the Grade A certificate through the PSIRA website or their regional offices. Ensure that you fill out the application form accurately and attach all the required documentation.
  5. Pay the applicable fees: Be prepared to pay the required application and certification fees as determined by PSIRA.
  6. Attend an interview (if required): Depending on the specific regulations set by PSIRA, you may be required to attend an interview as part of the application process for the Grade A certificate.
  7. Comply with any additional requirements: Throughout the application process, make sure to comply with any additional requirements or requests from PSIRA to facilitate the smooth processing of your Grade A certificate application.