How much does private security cost in SA?

Last Updated on December 21, 2023 by Psira

The cost of private security in South Africa can vary depending on several factors such as the level of security required, the size of the property or facility to be protected, the location, the reputation and experience of the security company, and the specific services needed. It is important to note that the following information is based on general estimates and can vary significantly.

For residential properties, the cost of private security services typically ranges from approximately ZAR 3,000 to ZAR 10,000 per month. This cost may cover services such as armed response, alarm monitoring, access control, and regular patrols.

For commercial properties or businesses, the cost of private security can be higher and is usually calculated based on factors such as the size of the premises, the number of employees, the type of industry, and the level of security required. On average, businesses can expect to pay anywhere from ZAR 10,000 to ZAR 50,000 or more per month for comprehensive security services.

It’s important to contact security companies directly to get accurate quotes tailored to your specific needs and location, as prices can vary considerably. Additionally, it’s recommended to research and compare multiple security providers to ensure you find a reputable and reliable company that meets your requirements.