What is the highest grade in Psira?

In the PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) grading system in South Africa, the highest grade for security personnel is Grade A.

Here is a breakdown of the different PSIRA grades:

  1. Grade E: Entry-level, allows for basic security functions and duties.
  2. Grade D: A step up from Grade E, allowing for more responsibilities and duties within the security industry.
  3. Grade C: Higher level than Grade D, encompassing a broader range of skills and responsibilities.
  4. Grade B: An advanced level involving supervisory roles and additional responsibilities within the security field.
  5. Grade A: The highest PSIRA grade, indicating a senior and managerial level within the security industry. Grade A security personnel typically hold managerial or executive roles, overseeing security operations, making critical decisions, and managing teams.

Each grade requires specific training, qualifications, and experience, with Grade A being the highest attainable grade and often reserved for individuals with extensive experience and expertise in the security sector.

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