What happens if you lose your matric certificate and statement of results?

Losing your Matric certificate and statement of results can be concerning, but there are steps you can take to address the situation:

  1. Contact the School or Examination Board:
    • Reach out to the school where you completed your Matric exams or the relevant examination board (such as the Department of Basic Education in South Africa). They might assist in providing duplicate documents or guiding you through the process of obtaining replacements.
  2. Duplicate Certificate or Statement of Results:
    • Some examination boards or education departments offer the provision of duplicate certificates or statements of results for a fee. There might be specific procedures to follow and forms to fill out to request these replacements.
  3. Affidavit and Reporting the Loss:
    • In some cases, if you’re unable to obtain a replacement immediately, you might need to file an affidavit declaring the loss of your certificate or results. This affidavit could serve as temporary proof while you pursue the replacement.
  4. Application for Replacement:
    • Follow the specific guidelines provided by the examination board or education department regarding the application process for replacements. This might involve completing forms, providing identification, and paying fees for the issuance of duplicate documents.
  5. Verification and Authentication:
    • Replacements or duplicates are typically issued with the same authenticity and verification measures as the original documents to ensure their validity.
  6. Timeframe for Replacements:
    • The process of obtaining replacements can vary in duration. It might take some time, ranging from weeks to months, to receive the duplicate certificate or statement of results.
  7. Future Safeguards:
    • Once you receive replacements, consider keeping them in a secure location, such as a safe or a folder designated for important documents. You might also consider making digital copies for backup purposes.
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Losing important educational documents like your Matric certificate or statement of results can be inconvenient, but it’s often possible to obtain replacements by following the correct procedures outlined by the relevant education authorities. It’s crucial to act promptly and follow the specific guidelines provided by the examination board or education department to obtain accurate replacements.