PSiRA Status Check

Last Updated on December 21, 2023 by Psira

Checking your PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) status in South Africa involves verifying your registration or certification within the private security industry. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do this:

Online Verification (if available):

  1. Visit the PSiRA Website: Go to the official PSiRA website. The web address is

  2. Navigate to “Online Services” or “Check Registration”: Look for a section on the website that provides online services or options for verifying registration or status.

  3. Access the ID Verification Tool: If there’s an option for online verification, you might find a tool that allows you to input your ID number for verification purposes.

  4. Enter Your ID Number: Follow the instructions on the website to enter your ID number accurately into the verification tool.

  5. Review the Results: After entering your ID number, the system should display the relevant information about your PSiRA registration status, including whether it’s active or any associated details.

Contact PSiRA Directly:

If there isn’t an online verification tool available or if you prefer direct assistance, you can reach out to PSiRA via:

  • Phone: Call the PSiRA contact center at 086 133 3850 (South Africa) and inquire about your registration status. Have your ID number ready for reference.

  • Email: Send an email to and request information about your registration status. Include your full name, ID number, and any other relevant details to assist them in identifying your record.

Visit PSiRA Offices:

If you prefer an in-person inquiry, you can visit a PSiRA office:

  • Find the Nearest Office: Use the PSiRA website or contact them via phone or email to find the closest PSiRA office to your location.

  • Bring Identification: Visit the office and bring your ID or any other necessary identification documents. Speak with the staff to inquire about your registration status.

Important Notes:

  • Ensure the accuracy of the ID number you provide. Incorrect information may lead to inaccurate results.
  • Contact PSiRA during their office hours for the most efficient assistance.
  • Be prepared to confirm your identity and provide any necessary details to verify your registration status accurately.

Always double-check the PSiRA website or contact their offices directly for any changes in procedures or available services as these details might change over time.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulation Act)

1. How long does it take for PSiRA application to be approved?
12 working days
NB : Kindly advice the clients that the 12 days waiting period does not include weekends and public holidays.

2. Where can I go collect my Psira certificate?
At your nearest PSiRA branch except the head office. Please bring along your ID book for first time collection.

3. How can I obtain the PSiRA individual registration form without going to a Psira branch?
You can simply go on to the Psira website on , go to publications, scroll down to downloads, choose option for the registration form and select the one you require.

4. How would I know when my Psira application has been approved?
You can contact our customer care line on 086 133 3850 with your ID number handy to check the status of your application.
Visit our website on,on the far right of the home screen, go to online verification, enter your id number, click I’m human then click submit.

5. Is it possible that you can post my certificate?
No, it is not possible, please note that our systems requires the owner’s finger print to print the certificate out, therefore you are required to personally come through to our offices for assistance.

6. Can someone renew my individual certificate on my behalf?
Unfortunately not, you are required to personally visit any of our offices except the head office with all the required documents as we need to verify your finger print on the system before we can print the certificate for you.

For those who are employed, your employer can renew your certificate on your behalf with your consent.

7. After how long does the individual/Business certificate expire?
** Individual certificate expires after 24 months.
** Business certificates expire after every 12 months.

8. What are the requirements to renew business certificate?
** Application letter from business (printed on business letterhead)
** Annual fees paid in full or sign acknowledgement of debt;

Secondary requirements :
Tax clearance certificate; Registration with COID (if the business has employees).

9. What are the requirements to renew your individual certificate?
** Duly completed application form (Renewal of individual certificate form)
** Payment of prescribed amounts (Certificate R40 First renewal / R20 Second renewal /R90 Re-issue and upgrade, ID Card R60 First issue / R90 Re-issue and upgrade)
** Authenticated copy of first page of ID document
** Original PSiRA certificate (affidavit if lost / misplaced).

10. I have checked my individual registration status and it says withdrawn, what does that mean?
Application may be withdrawn due to a criminal record or annual fees not being paid. Contact our customer care number on 086 133 3850 and verify.