How to download digital PSiRA certificate online?

To download your digital PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) certificate online, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PSiRA account on the PSiRA website at
  2. Once you are logged in, click on the “My Account” tab on the top navigation menu.
  3. Click on the “Certificate” tab.
  4. Choose the type of certificate you need, either “Individual” or “Company”.
  5. Enter the required information, such as your ID number or company registration number.
  6. Click on the “Search” button.
  7. Once your information is verified, you will see a “Download Certificate” button next to the certificate details.
  8. Click on the “Download Certificate” button to download your digital certificate.
  9. Save the certificate to your computer or mobile device in a secure location.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar PDF viewer to open and view your digital PSiRA certificate. If you do not have one installed on your computer or mobile device, you can download it for free from the Adobe website.

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